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Northeast Florida Women Veterans

Northeast Florida Women Veterans (NFWV) recognizes that women veterans face the same challenges as their male counterparts: PTSD, MST, high divorce rate, health issues, and even homelessness, but also face an additional set of challenges. This can include childcare, domestic violence, gender discrimination.

NFWV operates a resource center to provide supportive and career services to women, including:


A 6-week personal and professional development series program designed to empower women veterans on their path to self-sufficiency by addressing their holistic needs.

Operation HandUP

Provides financial assistance, transportation, food, clothing, counseling, and other needs through case management regardless of discharge status or length of time served.


A 6-month program designed to help women veterans become self-sufficient through business ownership.


A 6-month program empowering women veterans to adopt healthier and sustainable lifestyles to become the best version that they can be.


Transitional housing and emergency shelter for women veterans and their children who are experiencing homelessness in Florida


A 3-day, 2-night mindfulness retreat held near Jacksonville, Florida designed to help women veterans restore their mind and body, reconnect to themselves, and connect with other women veterans

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