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Patriot Service Dogs trains quality service dogs to assist military veterans with PTSD, MST, Mobility & Balance, and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). These dogs are provided at no charge to qualified veterans.

Each dog is trained for two years prior to placement with a veteran, both with the WOOF program (see below) and individual volunteers. Once a veteran has been matched with a service dog, the team must undergo advanced training together called “Warrior Week”. Patriot Service Dogs requires all veteran/service dog teams to recertify each year with a Public Access Test and proof of ongoing veterinary care.

About the WOOF program.

The WOOF program (Women Offering Obedience and Friendship) located inside Lowell Correctional Facility’s Work Camp offers female inmates the opportunity to train service dogs, learn pet industry skills, and benefit from reentry coaching. In return, the inmate-trainers assist in the training of all PSD dogs from puppyhood to placement.

Questions about Patriot Service Dogs?

Most questions about Patriot Service Dogs' training and eligibility requirements are answered on the website. Patriot Service Dogs strives to answer all calls, but has a small team so they have put together a list of Frequently Asked Questions to help provide answers quickly.

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