Thank you so much for your interest in CorpsStrength

Family at UF Health Brain Wellness Graduation

Our Mission

The mission of CorpsStrength is to provide a partner in the process of finding the right care and keeping it going.
Often one of the hardest parts of recovery from a polytrauma, PTSD or brain injury is navigating the bureaucracy of the VA, Tricare or private insurance agencies. It’s not just about doing the work of recovery—its about finding, authorizing and maintaining that care. This can put a tremendous strain on the patient and his or her caregiver as they work to navigate the complex red tape that plays too large a role in the medical system.

Our Plan

While you do the work of recovery, we will do the work of finding, authorizing and maintaining the care that you need.

We will help you find services that can help

We will help you navigate the bureaucracy

We help you keep your authorisations active