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Read personal accounts and find professional advice.
We need your story too.
The community of veterans, their families, and the amazing organizations that exist to help them are what truly make recovery possible. Will you help CorpsStrength by sharing your story? The more we know about who you are and what has helped you along your recovery, the better we can help other veterans like you.
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Carey and Shane’s WHY Story
CorpsStrength came about four years after Shane suffered a major accident after 26 years in the Navy. This story is about why Shane and Carey started CorpsStrength.
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CorpsStrength is meant to draw on the strength of our village. We need your input to help craft this organization into something that can be truly helpful to veterans and their families.
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We invite you to come along with us as CorpsStrength grows to provide more resources and personal help. Please complete this form and we will keep you posted as we grow and evolve.