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CorpsStrength is Here to Help You Carry the Load

It’s not easy to recover from complex physical and brain injuries. Managing the medical care for a polytrauma, post-traumatic stress (PTS) or a traumatic brain injury (TBI) can be incredibly challenging for the patient and place immense stress on the family members doing their best to help. We understand how hard it can be to navigate the healthcare system as well as to find and maintain the right supplementary care.

CorpsStrength’s goal is to make that recovery process easier on the patient and their family by providing easy access to resources via our searchable directory. Our site will also continue to grow with stories of people who have navigated tough challenges and what they found to help.

Resources to help you get Started

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Visit our searchable directory to locate programs based on the challenges you face, your location and many other tags.
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Knowing you aren’t alone in your experiences can help. These stories are from other veterans and healing professionals.

We can use your help too

We are all stronger together, which is a guiding value of CorpsStrength. In order to grow to serve as many veteran families as we can, we need the input of families like yours. What programs have worked for you? Which ones have not? We invite you to share your feedback and your story to help us expand and evolve.
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CorpsStrength is meant to draw on the strength of our village. We need your input to help craft this organization into something that can be truly helpful to veterans and their families.
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